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Cosmos Blockchain Air Drops Pushed the ATOM Price Higher

The prices of air-dropped tokens for Cosmos Stockers have increased over the past 24 hours. The upcoming ai...

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Cosmos ATOM Price Action Recap: A Look At The Latest Developments Fueling Bullish Sentiments

Cosmos has been heavily focused on growth and it looks like that focus is paying off. Its native cryptocurr...

Altcoins News

Cosmos ATOM Continues Strong Bull Run As Voting Commences To Increase Validator Active Set

ATOM is currently one of the biggest gainers in the list of the top 50 cryptocurrencies thanks to multiple ...


Cosmos Network (ATOM) Being PoS contribute to 99% Lower Carbon Footprint

The interoperability upgrades to Cosmos bring in new promises to the network. Also, being PoS they contribu...

Altcoins News

Cosmos (ATOM) Rallies Back To Mid-May Levels On Airdrop Hype

Cosmos' ATOM token is one of the biggest winners this courtesy of strong buying volume that was likely trig...

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