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Will Celsius Network (CEL) Blow and Disrupt Banking Space With Its 8.8% in 2022?

Celsius have rolled out an update to the wallet addresses where CEL tokens are held by Celsius. These updat...

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Celsius Network (CEL) Socializing Crypto Profits Helping Millions Unbank

Alex Mashinsky Expressed: “TradFi has been socializing loses by using too big to fail to force bailouts and...

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Celsius Network Gives Priority to Loyal Clients and Biggest CEL HODL Whales for SWAP Function

Celsius Network has been very active in terms of activating more than 20,000 top Celsians with SWAP functio...

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Celsius Network (CEL) Pressure on Banks is Working HODL Celsius Slogan Brewing

It just looks like to keep up with the competition from the lending and borrowing processes in the cryptocu...

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Sustainability of the Celsius Network (CEL) Business Model?

How do you make money when you pay your customers 10% on stable coins, but charge 1% on 4x collateral for l...

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