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As Momentum Picks Up Ethereum Burns $5 Billion Worth of ETH

In 2021, Ethereum enacted EIP-1559, and every day since then, ETH has been burnt. This improvement has push...

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Ethereum (ETH) Sentiments are Bullish and Long-Term Growth Prospects are Unaffected

Ethereum registered a growth of more than 330% in 2021.  There is a widespread discussion about the kind of...

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Ethereum (ETH) is the Currency of Whatever Little Remains After Paying Gas Fees

Mike Novogratz shared:  ETH is the currency of culture.  COMMU...

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Cryptocurrency is the Gateway Ethereum (ETH) is the Key Old Money Resists Adoption

Some anti-cryptocurrency guys believe that with crypto you are helping rich people transact money between c...

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32 ETH Ethereum is too Steep for the Average Person to Run a Validator

Lark Davis shared:  There are literally thousands of crypto coins in the market. Yes, many...

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