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David Vorick Siacoin (SC) Skynet Lead Developer on Web3 and VCs and Elites Owning Web2

David Vorick, Skynet Lead Developer expressed:  One downside of crypto pfps: I can't tell y'all apart anymo...

Altcoins News

Siacoin (SC) is Going to Surprise Everyone in 2022

Zachery Abraham expressed:  Siacoin is the future of decentralized storage and Web 3. Data has been the num...

Altcoins News

Siacoin (SC) Should be Listed as Tradable on Coinbase

David Vorick Expressed:  The 1inch Foundation will sponsor Skynet and the rise of machines. Just kidding...

Altcoins News

David Vorick of Siacoin (SC) on the Centralized Frontend For Defi

David Vorick Expressed:  Using a centralized frontend for defi is like going to a nightclub with no fire es...

Altcoins News

More Than 10,000 Websites and Webapps Currently Using SiaCoin (SC) Skynet

Sia offers a cheaper, more robust, more effective, more reliable, inexpensive, and more robust data storage...

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