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Alliance Between Avalanche AVAX and Terra Money is the Biggest in Web3

Terra is adding $200 million worth of AVAX tokens to its reserves to back Terra USD. This is a strategic mo...

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Do Kwon Calls every Avalanche AVAX project to Engage with Terra Community to Grow Together

Do Kwon:  All your AVAX are ours.  Today, none can deny that Avalanche is one of the mo...

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Peter Schiff Fumes over Terra Bitcoin (BTC) Move

Peter Schiff:  Terra’s plan to back a U.S. dollar stable coin with $10 billion worth of Bi...

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Boom Terra Just Completed Another ~ $139 million BTC Buy

Terra buying BTC is becoming an everyday news. Do Kwon seems to be walking the price. And People are cheeri...

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Terra Founder Buying 235,000 BTC Becomes Ultimate Reserve Asset for UST

  • Do Kwon to Buy $10 billion Bitcoin
  • $42k per BTC would be a...

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