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About 70% of Bitcoin (BTC) Trading is Done using Tether (USDT)

Reportedly, about 70% of Bitcoin trading is done using Tether.  Tether is the most traded coin on any given...

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FUD Articles are Dumb Instant Tether (USDT) Coming Soon

Paolo Ardoino expressed:  Tether is one of the main drivers of dollar dominance among fiat currencies, and ...

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Tether (USDT) the Humanitarian Technology for Lebanon From Cryptocurrency Space

Alex Gladstein called Tether (USDT) the Humanitarian technology for millions of people from everywhere rang...

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Sell Dips Buy Tops Face Bad News Try USDT

Lark Davis Expressed: I didn't sell any of my crypto during the dip. If you are selling dips and buying top...

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Pay With Tether Video Series Introduces Businesses Accepting USDT

Tether Expressed:  The new “Pay with Tether” video series introduces businesses that accept Tether tokens f...

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