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Analyst Predict BTC, XRP, NEAR, XMR, WAVES will attract Buyers – Why? Reasons?


  • BTC/USDT (Price prediction $35,000⬇ - $45,000⬆)
  • X...

Altcoins News

Sneak Peak in to the Waves Blockchain Ecosystem Pre – 2021

Sasha Ivanov expressed:  What we need is World3: World1 - Hunter gatherer society, loose social structure W...

Altcoins News

Ducks Breeding and Rebirth NFTs and DeFi Experiments at Waves Protocol

Waves Ducks is the place where creativity is rewarded.  It is a game with a bunch of earning options.  It i...

Altcoins News

WX Token IDO Finished with 50,000,000 Sold / 0 Left at Waves Exchange

Sasha Ivanov expressed:  Waves Exchange IDO is over. $50 mln was raised in one day. It was an IDO for the p...

Altcoins News

Waves Ecosystem (WAVES) Opens For Millions of MetaMask Users

Waves Node 1.4 Zegema has opened the Waves ecosystem for millions of MetaMask users. The release is running...

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