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10 Dollars is FUD for MATIC You Cannot be Attached or Be Too Bullish

10 Dollars is FUD for MATIC You Cannot be Attached or Be Too Bullish

MATIC reportedly is overvalued when compared to FTM, AVAX, and ONE according to investors who have these assets in their portfolio. At the time of reporting price was trending at:  FTM price:  $3.03; AVAX price:  $93.70; Harmony ONE price:   $0.332; Polygon (MATIC) price:  $2.34.

FTM as a network token is being used for staking, governance, payments and network fees. Reportedly, the 9,710% growth of the FTM is more due to speculation and those who invest hoping it is going to repeat should know it is not going to happen in the short term.  It is just another smart contract network. Not to deny the fundamentals are strong and the management team are efficient. There are several other cryptocurrencies competing for offering high speed and low transaction costs. Fantom are positioning themselves as a DeFi hub. A DeFi crackdown by regulators would rewrite the success story. If there will be a technological glitch like Solana this can eventually test investor confidences.  These are all ifs – for now they are doing good.

AVAX (3000% growth in 2021) is considered to be the option for those who are looking for the next Ethereum. ETH is expected to struggle until the network upgrade succeeds. Still a speculative investment. 2022 will see AVAX with substantial appreciation.

Harmony ONE facilitates lower fees, increased speed, and security making it worthy of investment. Good as a long-term investment. It looks like ONE goes up when BTC goes up.

MATIC is a fast and highly scalable Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network – connects Ethereum compatible blockchains. The potential to integrate several blockchains is huge and therefore experts feel it will decongest ETH – therefore a long-term price increase in expected.

Lark Davis Interrogated: Should I buy more Matic?

Community Response:  No, it’s more overvalued than FTM, AVAX, and ONE.

Sometimes you cannot be sure, the problems and threats are same to all blockchains like a technical glitch that will leave investors losing confidence, regulatory crackdown on NFTs and DeFi.  And, since we are in for money, we cannot become attached to a particular coin. It helps to keep buying regularly by DCA or stock in money and enter when there is a dip. Maintaining a diverse portfolio helps.

With cryptocurrencies you need to start off with the money that you can afford to lose and when you are an early bird the price is very low and when it appreciates you will make some profits and if it does not you will still be losing very less – something that you can afford to lose.

Keep buying – I have been accumulating Matic from 2c all the way to 2 dollars. 10 dollars is FUD for MATIC.  You definitely should. Everyone should be buying more MATIC at this point, if not for trades, then for its usability. Do you want to get into a P2E? NFTs? Metaverses? Passive income? The best place to go to would be Polygon and you’ll need MATIC for that.

Matic is definitely a buy right now. The EIP-1559 makes it so.  When the price goes down, a bunch of supplies gets burned, which limits how low it can go. And when it pumps, it pumps more. The EIP-1559 is super good for early buyers.

Maybe, but you should be buying more FTM and some of the Fantom Ecosystem assets too.  And, Also, Terra LUNA is probably a good decision.   Fantom is the Future!

I put 3500.00 in Matic around .08 cents. I held for over a year. I sold it all before the pop on February 21 all because I didn’t trust myself and my research. I’m new to crypto since 2020, So this is my first bull run. I have learned so much with this run.

Look at SHIB, Elon, Fantom, and Luna. Do dollar-cost averaging and hold. You’ll be rich. Don’t try and time the bull run or you’ll get the horns.

Every blockchain has a unique use case in crypto and it tends to be currently undervalued for what it provides.  If the bull market continues people will work this out and it will pump hard.
















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