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10 Dollars is FUD for MATIC You Cannot be Attached or Be Too Bullish

MATIC reportedly is overvalued when compared to FTM, AVAX, and ONE according to investors who have these as...

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If You Hold BEP2 MATIC Please Move Them to Binance

MATIC is known to connect blockchain networks which are compatible with Ethereum together. So, is it a good...

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Polygon MATIC To 10 Dollars Per Influencers Critics Call it Hard Landing

It just looks like influencers are very sure that Matic will go to 10 dollars. They have to say it is a que...

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Do you like MATIC? It Brings Defi to the Masses

Altcoin Daily Interrogated: Do you like MATIC? Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, is a blockchain...

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Buying Stories of LUNA ETH MATIC SOL of 2021

A random user stated My biggest crypto regrets this year:  Refused to buy SOL at 2 dollars and 25 dollars. ...

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