Home Altcoins News Buying Stories of LUNA ETH MATIC SOL of 2021

Buying Stories of LUNA ETH MATIC SOL of 2021

Buying Stories of LUNA ETH MATIC SOL of 2021

A random user stated My biggest crypto regrets this year:  Refused to buy SOL at 2 dollars and 25 dollars. Ended up with buying in at 80 dollars.

-Several friends recommended TIME at the beginning. Avg. buy 3,500 dollars.

-LUNA avg. 30 dollars (despite frens telling me to get in at 5 dollars)

-Ended up selling a lot of ETH at 3K dollars in Aug.

Community Reaction: I still think LUNA can 10x from here in 2-3 years.  Fully diluted Luna market cap is 90b dollars. 10x would be almost BTC size.

That’s not at all how to measure LUNA of all Coins half of the supply basically is locked and will eventually be burned for UST. There are millions of Token burnt daily.

And, staking/protocol locking/general token lockup means the circulating supply will realistically never be over 150 million again and that’s being cautious. More and more staking protocols being released and faster burn as UST demand picks up. Good luck passing coins based on shoddy research.

Lol. I have read everything. Half the supply isn’t locked basically or otherwise. It is owned by the team and investors. The community pool has already been mostly burned. LUNA is burned if UST demand rises. Luna is created if UST demand falls as it happened in May.

TFL can burn the LUNA for market value amount of UST. Yes, community fund was burned to fund ozone. 2021 had the beginning of protocol launches compared to over 100 scheduled for this year, but yeah demand is going to go down and you’ll be right again.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t forget last cycle ETH went from $1400 back to sub $200. We’ll all have opportunities to buy dirt cheap again. It’s a huge risk to be buying at these prices, IMO.

Everyone say that the bear market will never come or things won’t correct 80+% ever again. Stock market is $48T and it still crashes. opportunities will come again 1000%.

I agree. Even the idea that demand for UST is causing LUNA to go higher.  Let’s see how that pans out when extreme fear takes hold. People will definitely be taking profits on LUNA and send it back down.

Half of all the TVL of terra is anchor also, which means leverage. a deep correction could mean liquidations, making a downward move more extreme(potentially).

Good point. That’s what caused Terra to move down to $4 earlier this year. I was borrowing on Anchor when that happened. Almost got liquidated myself, but by luck, woke up just before I would have been liquidated. All the leverage is dangerous.

MCC is the 2022 would’ve/should’ve/could’ve play.

You still have a chance on time it is back to this range.

What’s a good small altcoin to get into now? One that’s just starting but you think has potential? The ones above are obviously solid long-term plays — I’m looking for a slightly risky shorter-term play.

What do you think of Matic?  I think it is always too irresponsible to talk about your success only as if everything you touch turn into gold. Especially for beginner who blind follow the so-called influencer without DYOR.

The most difficult skill when you invest in bluechips is to do nothing for years, while your investments grow exponentially. Most people look for “the next thing to explode”.

Thank you for this! So many are posting their monster successes to followers who are starting small (with the little they have) and also buying in much higher. Posts like this are relatable and credible.

Oh man, but what I always say is that the Market will always give you another chance to grab some look likes of FTM, HTR, KDA, MATIC.

Mine is buying PSI at $0.37 and farming it. Learning: Don’t ever ape into tokens which have made x37 already. Obvious, LOL.

You think it’s too late? It’s already 4xed. What used to be a 45x to a dollar will soon be just a 10x.

Mine are as follows – Not selling my NBA top shots in Feb/March – Ignoring DeFi space because “too much of a learning curve, which is BS” – Investing into nodes outside of strong – Using 20% of portfolio for DEGEN plays instead of 10%.

No regrets Bro just lessons learnt. I’m in above all those prices and I just don’t care because I’m long on all of them.

At least we are done with 2021.  Shill us new coins for 2022 and let’s change the story by end of year 2022. What say you?

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