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Do you like MATIC? It Brings Defi to the Masses

Do you like Matic

Altcoin Daily Interrogated: Do you like MATIC?

Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, is a blockchain scalability platform and framework for connecting and building blockchain networks.

Community Response:  The REAL question is do you have MTV.  Yes sir. Just bought myself a bag this morning on the dip.

I love MATIC. HERE IS MY PREDICTION. IT WILL BE 1000 $ in a year. Or close.

Seriously? Even 100 dollars is a pretty ‘out-there’ speculation.

How can you not like MATIC that’s bringing DeFi to the masses, while also providing developers with the best infrastructure to build their secure and fully functional Dapps in an accelerated matter.

Hell yeah! Recently added more to my short stack and will continue to DCA.

Axion loves MATIC. Throw that in the accelerator and earn yourself some NFT particles for a chance to run in the collider and earn yourself another stake!

Maybe I don’t understand the tech fully, but I think that MATIC will rocket past ETH in a couple of years.

You definitely don’t understand the tech fully.  Yeah man once I started using it, I realized how great it is.

What’s your favorite thing about it?  How does MATIC change once Ethereum goes to PoS?

It has done well.  However, in the short term, MATIC looks like it’s dominance over Bitcoin.  We will see a retracement with bearish RSI divergence, price hitting the .786 and a rising wedge pattern.

It seems like most alts that pump during bearish or sideways movement always retrace before following a market pump.

Who doesn’t? I also like ELON, it’s got huge potential and lots of room to grow. Plus, I really like their comics.

Without a doubt, MATIC is one of the best.

The Matic token has two bullish head winds. The first is Ethereum and the second is the ZK Roll-Up it will be adding in 2022, which will be in time for the ZK-Rollup mania.

I don’t like MATIC I love MATIC that went from having 30 Dapps on its ecosystem to 3,000 in a year, that increased by over 15,000% in 2021, that’s saving users millions in fees thanks to Polygon’s scaling solutions.

Yes, I love MATIC and the same time believed in CVP. The governance token of powerpoolcvp that is safe and secure investment that offers a good-returns in the space.

Yes, MATIC is not bad, but I have my eyes fixed on CVP that is set to make millionaires in 2022.  Been accumulating sideways for many months it appears, due for a breakout?

I like that MATIC / USDT has a low exchange fee.  MATIC made me some serious money, it was kind of unexpected. One of those tokens I picked up long ago for very little money, turned out to be my biggest profit to date.

I love and believe in MATIC, even at the current price, it’s still undervalued compared to what 0xPolygon is bringing to the market. I also believe in BBANK that I recently discovered to be one of the amazing DeFi solution to banking.

It my favorite coin.  Anybody, should buy now and have it.

Yes, but I like to be SatorSAO has announced the creation of a decentralized program that allows users to earn NFTs, tokens, and other prizes simply by viewing their favorite television shows.

Yes, I do. Not just as a valuable token, but also a valuable ecosystem that will host one of the greatest games of all times; Who doesn’t? Meanwhile I’m staking on the MATIC-MUST pool in comethswap. The two token and going to do well.

MATIC is a solid gem. I share same sentiment with undervalued SYS, which actually will Lambo badly in 2022.

MATIC Around 2.50 dollars is likely the lowest you’re going to see it going forward. The fact that it’s still below 3.00 dollars is amazing. Watch and learn. Cheers!

Yes, still think it could be the next big thing. I even talked my wife into buying it last month.

Yes! Expecting the bull run to continue in the near term. Wondering if ETH 2.0 is going to materialize?

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