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Lugano, Switzerland Elevates Crypto Ambitions: Integrates Polygon into MyLugano App and Launches NFT Collection

Lugano, Switzerland Elevates Crypto Ambitions: Integrates Polygon into MyLugano App and Launches NFT Collection

In a strategic move towards becoming a global blockchain hub, Lugano, Switzerland, has elevated its cryptocurrency capabilities by integrating Polygon into its municipal crypto payment application, MyLugano. This integration, announced by Polygon Labs on November 22nd, signifies a significant step in Lugano’s commitment to fostering a cutting-edge blockchain environment. The MyLugano app now supports multichain digital wallets, offering users access to various cryptocurrencies with plans for continuous expansion.

Lugano’s Crypto Integration Journey

Lugano’s relationship with Polygon dates back to at least 2022 when the city began utilizing Polygon’s infrastructure for its LVGA stablecoin, transitioning from Ethereum’s scaling platform. This recent broadened integration demonstrates Lugano’s unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation. MyLugano, launched in 2021 in collaboration with Tether’s stablecoin, has seen remarkable adoption, with approximately 30,000 regular users and nearly half of the city’s residents engaging in crypto transactions through the app.

The upgraded MyLugano app positions the city as a real-world testing ground for decentralized technology integration, allowing users to conduct various transactions, including payments to local businesses.

Venturing Into NFTs and Art Collaboration

Lugano’s ambition extends beyond payment platforms into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Teaming up with Lugano Living Lab, the city is set to unveil its first NFT collection, featuring digital artwork by local artist Yuri Catania. The collection includes a monumental 40-meter mural to be minted on the Polygon network, showcasing the city’s commitment to merging technology and art. This artistic endeavor symbolizes community collaboration in the digital age, with the artwork’s creation involving hundreds of participants.

The NFT collection, featuring LVGA/XY Flowers, Yuri Catania’s digital artwork created using the paste-up technique, will gradually fade away, representing the transient nature of art and technology. This move not only enhances Lugano’s cultural landscape but also aligns with the global trend of integrating art and blockchain technology.

Lugano’s Position as Europe’s Blockchain Capital

Lugano’s efforts go beyond technological advancements; they signify the city’s ambition to redefine itself as Europe’s blockchain capital. Plans are in motion to enable Bitcoin, USDT, and the city’s LVGA stablecoin payments for taxes, parking tickets, public services, and tuition fees. This forward-thinking approach aims to adopt new technologies and pave the way for cryptocurrencies to gain legal tender status in Lugano.

Switzerland’s Cryptocurrency Landscape

Lugano’s crypto journey is noteworthy within the broader Swiss context. While the city forges ahead with its plans, other Swiss cities like Zug and Zermatt already allow residents to pay taxes using selected cryptocurrencies. This trend highlights Switzerland’s emerging role as a leader in embracing and regulating digital assets, with Lugano positioned at the forefront of this transformative wave.

Lugano’s Integration of Polygon: A Model for Others

The integration of Polygon into Lugano’s municipal payment app and its venture into NFTs underscore its commitment to leading blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. With a growing user base and diverse applications, Lugano stands as a model for other cities exploring the integration of digital currencies into everyday life. This progressive stance solidifies Lugano’s position as a potential blockchain hub in Europe, setting an example for municipalities worldwide embracing the future of finance and technology.

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