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Satoshibles NFT to Bitcoin via Stacks (STX)

Satoshibles NFT to Bitcoin via Stacks (STX)

Reportedly, NFTs on Bitcoin are exploding.  Stacks creators are doing their best in this regard. Previously, Bitcoin Birds were gone within an hour, joining the likes of Stacks Pops, Punks, Monks, and more as freshly minted out menageries.

Stacks Foundation expressed:  Overheard and seen in the last few days:  How do you keep up with the mints?! I want a damn Bitcoin Bird so bad it hurts.  Bitcoin literally makes your NFTs more valuable.

Having FOMO? Don’t stress. Although many collections have been fully minted, some great marketplaces (linked later in this email) are springing up, where you can get your hands on all the new hotness. There, you’ll also find a list of upcoming NFT drops so you can be ready to snag one when minting goes live.

Satoshibles NFT expressed:  We are really happy to announce that we are bringing Satoshibles NFT to Bitcoin via Stacks.  This is going to be a first in the NFT space.

Community Response:  NFTs on Stacks and Bitcoin are going to pick up pace from here.

For clarity, Satoshibles are already popular with users from the Bitcoin community. Some members have to state that Satoshibles were the first NFT they ever purchased.

Using Satoshi as their mascot, they have always felt that they are the NFT for Bitcoin enthusiasts.  They have to however state that it had been a hard sell when the project is on Ethereum. This is about to change.

Working with a team of Stacks to build an NFT bridge between Ethereum and Stacks Blockchain, the collaboration is set to permit Satoshible holders to be the very first NFT on Ethereum, which can eventually be ported over to Bitcoin via Stacks.

The team at Stacks are making Bitcoin programmable eventually bringing smart contract functionality Stacks. Owners will be able to port their Satoshibles to Bitcoin using Stacks. The plan is to build a two-way bridge to port over to Bitcoin or come back to Ethereum at any time is happening. When this becomes a reality, it means that a single Satoshible can only be “active” on one blockchain at a time.

Since all attributes will remain the same on both chains, they wanted a way to quickly tell which network a Satoshible is currently on. To do this, Satoshibles on Stacks will have an updated background with colored pattern and the BTC logo.  Once on stacks, holders will be able to trade it in the available marketplaces.




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