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Binance Delisting Alert: What’s Changing in the Crypto Market and Where to Pivot Investments?

Binance delisting

In a recent announcement, Binance, a leading player in the crypto exchange realm, revealed its decision to delist BitShares (BTS), PERL.eco (PERL), Tornado Cash (TORN), and Waltonchain (WTC) starting December 7. This move comes as a result of various factors such as declining development activity, low trading volumes, liquidity concerns, and instances of unethical or fraudulent behavior within these crypto assets.

The affected trading pairs—BTS/USDT, PERL/USDT, TORN/BUSD, WTC/BTC, and WTC/USDT—will cease to be supported on the platform from the specified date. Deposits of these tokens won’t be credited after 2023-12-08 03:00 (UTC), and users will have until 2024-03-07 03:00 (UTC) to convert delisted tokens into stablecoins.

Binance has emphasized its commitment to periodically review listed digital assets to ensure they meet stringent standards, indicating a proactive approach to safeguarding user interests. However, the announcement of these delistings has adversely affected the prices of the aforementioned crypto assets, witnessing significant drops ranging from 33% to 48% in the last 24 hours.

The crypto market witnessed WTC trading at $0.110246 with a staggering 33.89% drop in the last 24 hours, while BTS plummeted by 39.31% and PERL faced a considerable decline of 45.58% during the same period.

In addition to these delistings, Binance recently removed ten spot trading pairs, including APT/BUSD, AXS/BUSD, FIL/BUSD, and USTC/BUSD due to poor liquidity and trading volumes. Notably, these pairs involve the BUSD stablecoin, with the exchange planning to discontinue BUSD support from the beginning of 2024, urging customers to diversify their holdings.

Amidst these shifts, the crypto market braces for an influx of around $750 million in unlocked digital assets in December. Noteworthy projects, including the decentralized exchange dYdX, Optimism, 1inch Network, and Aptos, are slated to release substantial token allocations during this period, raising potential investment opportunities.

dYdX leads the pack with an anticipated unlocking of 150 million tokens, valued at over $500 million. Optimism is set to unleash 24 million tokens worth around $41 million by November 30th. Additionally, the 1inch Network plans to issue nearly 98 million tokens valued at $33 million on December 1st.

Moreover, Aptos, a proof-of-stake blockchain project, will unlock approximately 25 million tokens valued at nearly $180 million on December 12th.

These developments come on the heels of Binance resolving money-laundering accusations with the US DOJ, resulting in a hefty $4.3 billion penalty. The exchange also underwent leadership changes, with Richard Teng stepping in as the new CEO following Changpeng Zhao’s resignation.

Looking ahead into December, around $750 million worth of vested digital assets are set to be unlocked and released into the market. This presents investors with various opportunities, albeit with associated risks, as these tokens become available for trading.

Noteworthy projects unlocking tokens include the dYdX decentralized exchange, expected to release 150 million tokens valued at over $500 million. Ethereum’s layer-2 network Optimism will unlock 24 million OP tokens, while the 1inch Network will issue about 98 million 1INCH tokens, valued at $33 million. Aptos, a proof-of-stake blockchain project, will also unlock approximately 25 million tokens worth nearly $180 million.

Investors must exercise caution and conduct thorough research before considering investments in newly unlocked tokens. While unlocking events may signal potential shifts in the market, they also bring volatility and uncertainties that could impact investment decisions.

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