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Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins Buy the DIP and RIP Buyers Share Real Time Experience

Lark Davis Shared: What was the first crypto you bought? Mine was bitcoin, still holding. Followed by XRP, ...

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Will we see the Altcoin season in Q1 2022?

Lark Davis Shared: The best days are yet to come for the crypto market and bitcoin. Community Response: ...

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Buying Altcoins is a Great Way to Also Lose 80-90%

Lark Davis Expressed: Want to protect your wealth? Buy bitcoin. Want to get rich AF? Buy altcoins. Commu...

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Got 1 Bitcoin for Christmas? Hold Sell Trade for Altcoins

Lark Davis Shared: If you got 1 Bitcoin for Christmas would you hold onto it, sell it, or trade it for altc...

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With Inflation Everyone Will be Millionaires Not with Bitcoin or Altcoins

Lark Davis Shared: If you are not a millionaire yet from crypto then keep going, because you will be! Co...

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