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U.S. Senate Candidate States CBDCs are Bad for People

Dennis Porter shared: BREAKING: U.S. Senate Candidate JoshMandelOhio declares that CBDCs are "bad for peopl...

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Central Banks Experimenting with CBDCs IMF Is OK About it

All throughout the globe, central banks are developing their own digital currencies. Some are about to debu...

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Governments Can decide How CBDCs Should Be Spent Using Programmable Technology

The Telegraph on June 21, 2021 pointed to how “The Bank of England called on its ministers to decide whethe...

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Will 2022 Experience a Virtual Fiat Boom With CBDCs ?

Reportedly, 25% of U.S. consumers are using less cash now than before the COVID lockdowns. The world is pro...

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Is a Digital Dollar Coming for the USA? CBDCs Technology Has made This a Positive Thing

Cryptocurrency media outlets are abuzz about the Federal Reserve of the United States reviewing the merits ...

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