Will the UK be the World Center for Crypto While being Anti-Crypto So far?

Someone asked:  Will the UK be the world Center for Crypto? Community Reaction:  Did anyone else get thi...

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Crypto Dips Whether to Hold or Sell?

There is a decision that every cryptocurrency investor is bound to take – whether to sell or buy – whether ...

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Are 0.15% of all Crypto Transactions for Illicit Purposes?

Everyone is in need of money and so do criminals.  So, what do they prefer? There is a widespread opinion t...

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Crypto Is Not a Magical Money Printer Influencers Should Stop Stupid Narrative

Lark Davis Shared: Crypto is probably the only market where someone with $10,000 can become a millionaire i...

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Is Crypto a Ponzi Heading to Zero?

Lark Davis shared: The vast majority of people still do not understand just how BIG crypto is actually goin...

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