Altcoins News

DeFi on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is Now Live

  • Sonic offers a suite of DeFi products
  • DeFi on the IC has a...

DeFi & NFT

Coming Q1 2022 on Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) MetaSports Basketball NFT Fantasy Sports Game

DFinity Foundation expressed:  "For the first time, owners of popular NFT collections including BoredApeYC,...

Altcoins News

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) on Canister Smart Contracts Upgrade

Dominic Williams expressed:  The ICP on canister smart contracts upgrade has now gone LIVE on the network C...

Altcoins News

Literally Nothing is Pumping Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

The community has recently voted to approve motion proposals like the direct integration of the Internet Co...

DeFi & NFT

Should the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Kid Grow More? Will it Go Far?

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist of DFINITY Foundation expressed:  DFINITY is the leading cont...

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