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Analyst Predict BTC, XRP, NEAR, XMR, WAVES will attract Buyers – Why? Reasons?


  • BTC/USDT (Price prediction $35,000⬇ - $45,000⬆)
  • X...

Altcoins News

Monero (XMR) Doing a Great Job in the Privacy Race with Seraphis

Monero Expressed:  Seraphis, a zero-knowledge proving system from UkoeHB and the Monero Re...

Altcoins News

Monero (XMR) Can Reduce Wallet Scan Times by 50-70%

Monero:  End-to-end encryption using the Noise protocol is coming soon to Monero for peer-to-peer traffic, ...

Altcoins News

Monero (XMR-USD) perpetual contract market is now live in DYDX

DYDX has gained 80% in a week. So, what is driving the DEX token rally? Traders have increased their bids f...

Altcoins News

Monero XMR Enjoys Some Upside After Rough Start Earlier This Month

Monero XMR is finally delivering some much-needed gains this week despite kicking off the month of August i...

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