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Bitcoin Veterans Lock in Profits: Why 40% of Gains Are Being Taken Despite Low Trading Volume

Bitcoin Veterans

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be a cornerstone for investors and analysts. The latest insights from Glassnode’s “The Week On-chain” report reveal intriguing behaviors among long-term Bitcoin holders (LTHs), particularly their significant role in profit-taking during market highs. Despite generally low trading volumes, these seasoned investors are capitalizing on market conditions, accounting for up to 40% of profit-taking movements. This article explores these trends and their implications for the broader market.

The Dominance of Long-Term Holders

Long-term holders, those who maintain their Bitcoin investments for extended periods, are currently the most active in profit-taking. According to Glassnode’s analysis, LTHs, despite contributing only 4% to 8% of daily on-chain volume, are responsible for a substantial portion of profit-taking activities. This trend becomes particularly pronounced during periods of rapid price appreciation, often seen during bull markets.

The report highlights that during these periods of market euphoria, the frequency of high-spending days among LTHs increases significantly. This consistent behavior underscores the strategy of long-term investors who capitalize on favorable market conditions to secure gains. By doing so, LTHs play a crucial role in market liquidity and price stability, contributing to the cyclical nature of Bitcoin’s market dynamics.

Impact on Market Liquidity and Price Stability

The profit-taking actions of LTHs during market highs have a notable impact on Bitcoin’s liquidity and price stability. When these holders decide to lock in profits, it typically aligns with significant price appreciations, leading to increased selling pressure. This pattern contributes to the cyclical nature of the market, where periods of rapid price growth are often followed by corrections as profit-taking intensifies.

Glassnode analysts also pointed out that the current Bitcoin price is below the cost basis for holders from one week to one month (1w-1m holders) and one month to three months (1m-3m holders), which are $68,500 and $66,400, respectively. If the price remains below these levels for an extended period, it could lead to deteriorating investor confidence and deeper market corrections.

Historical Context and Current Trends

The behavior of LTHs is not a new phenomenon. Historical data shows that similar patterns have occurred during previous bull cycles, notably in 2017 and 2021. In these cycles, profit-taking by long-term holders often signaled the onset of significant price corrections.

Currently, Bitcoin is in a consolidation phase near its previous all-time high, a critical juncture often referred to as the “equilibrium to euphoria boundary.” During this phase, the price tends to appreciate quickly, but it is also a period where LTHs increase their distribution pressure, potentially leading to market corrections.

Cost Basis Analysis

An interesting aspect of the Glassnode report is the analysis of the cost basis of different holder cohorts. The cost basis for 1w-1m holders and 1m-3m holders indicates the average price at which these groups acquired their Bitcoin. When the price stays below these cost bases, it often signals weakening market momentum and can lead to net capital outflows from Bitcoin.

Historically, when the cost basis of 1w-1m holders falls below that of 1m-3m holders, it indicates diminishing demand momentum. This situation has occurred five times in previous bull cycles and is currently in its fourth instance in the current cycle. Such a pattern typically signals a period of consolidation or correction as the market adjusts to the shifting dynamics.

Bitcoin’s Struggles Amid Low Trading Volume

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has also faced challenges recently. Early on Monday, Bitcoin’s price briefly dipped below the critical $60,000 support level, causing panic among investors. Bulls quickly intervened, pushing the price back above this key level. However, Bitcoin remains below the 50-day SMA, with the relative strength index (RSI) hovering just above the oversold territory. The 200-day SMA around $60,000 continues to provide strong support.

Implications for Investors

For investors, understanding the behavior of long-term holders is crucial for navigating the volatile Bitcoin market. The actions of LTHs can provide valuable insights into potential market movements. During periods of rapid price appreciation, increased profit-taking by these holders can signal an impending correction, providing an opportunity for strategic decision-making.

Moreover, the current consolidation phase near Bitcoin’s previous all-time high suggests that the market is at a critical juncture. Investors should closely monitor the cost basis levels and the behavior of LTHs to gauge potential shifts in market momentum.

Expert Predictions and Market Sentiment

Various experts and analysts have shared their predictions for Bitcoin’s price. Meka Mark, a well-known technical analyst, targets a price range of $30 to $32 for Bitcoin in the near term, assuming Ripple wins its case against the SEC. He also suggests that Bitcoin could achieve a 100X to 300X increase within the next two years, making it one of the most promising investments in the cryptocurrency market.

Market sentiment also plays a crucial role in driving Bitcoin’s price. Positive news and developments related to Bitcoin can create a bullish sentiment, attracting more investors and driving up the price. Conversely, negative news can lead to bearish sentiment and price declines.

The Road Ahead for Bitcoin

Despite the recent price fluctuations and ongoing legal challenges, many analysts remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s future. The potential for a significant price surge hinges on several key factors, particularly the outcome of the Ripple-SEC lawsuit. If Ripple secures a favorable ruling, it could trigger a massive rally, propelling Bitcoin to new heights.

Investors should closely monitor the developments in the Ripple-SEC case and the broader cryptocurrency market. Understanding the key drivers behind Bitcoin’s potential surge can help investors make informed decisions and capitalize on one of the most anticipated movements in the cryptocurrency space.


Bitcoin’s market dynamics are significantly influenced by the actions of long-term holders. Despite low trading volumes, these seasoned investors are locking in substantial profits, accounting for up to 40% of profit-taking movements. This behavior underscores the critical role of LTHs in market liquidity and price stability, especially during periods of rapid price growth.

As Bitcoin continues to consolidate near its previous all-time high, the actions of long-term holders will be pivotal in determining the market’s next move. Investors should stay informed about these trends and consider the historical context to make strategic decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

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