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Lot of Preparation for What is Coming in 2022 to Cosmos Internet of Blockchains

Year 2021 for Cosmos has been an interstellar, But the community feel that they are only at the start of th...

Altcoins News

2022 Eagerly Waiting Interchain Security from Cosmos Blockchain More of (ATOM) Staking

Comos expressed:  2021 has been an interstellar year for Cosmos! But we’re only at the start of this amazin...


Cosmos Internet of Blockchains is here to Exist as the Era of Bridges Flourish

Cosmos is the internet of blockchains, which is focused on connecting the ever-expanding ecosystem of inter...

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Worth listening to DeFi by Design EP #50: What is Cosmos Network?

Peng Zhong, CEO of Tendermint expressed, "I see a future where all major ecosystems will bridge to each oth...


Cosmos Network States Only Experienced Users Should Trade With ATOM

The Cosmos Network expresses:  “Due to the architecture of the Cosmos Network, neither All in Bits Inc (AiB...

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