The Super Use Case of XRP Is the Cross Border Cross Currency Settlement

By dan saada January 16, 2020 Off
XRP Cross border currency

XRP has been trending at $0.235, a notable uptrend from its current lows at $0.20.  Indeed, a significant trend in improvement for XRP. The sustained price trend of Bitcoin at $8,800 is one of the reasons for the positive move of XRP.

The Bitcoin continues to guide the sentiments geared towards Altcoins. However, the use cases of XRP speak for themselves, establishing trust in their investors.  XRP is, however, trending in a major macro trend upwards.  XRP is establishing its whitepaper ideal of “Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments.”

HSBC to use XRP

Rumors are doing the rounds that HSBC is considering to use XRP soon.  The current rumor has picked up the idea from HSBC, having praised the potential of Ripple and XRP in the past. Will HSBC use Ripple Technologies is something we have to wait to unfold in reality.

There is no counterparty risk with the settlement with the XRP token.  Ripple is focused on long-term goals and, therefore, more beneficial.

Sydney Ifergan, crypto expert reinstated in his tweet on XRP:  “The immediate benefit of #XRP for banks is increased revenue remittance and the ability to book more #SME clients.”

Even the banks do not need to hold XRP.  They need to use the On-Demand Liquidity, and they can sell simultaneously on the other side.  This adds to the confidence factor for banks using XRP.  Therefore, banks benefit a lot by joining RippleNet.

XRP Use Case

The list of use cases of XRP is growing in number.  Well-informed investors know that the super use case of XRP is the cross-border cross-currency settlement.  The instantaneous transfer and settlement make it the game-changer. This is not the only use case of XRP; however, it is the most significant.  

The ability to transfer funds without owning XRP yourself is a major plus.  The transaction will take place on the ledger facilitated by Money Gram.  Investors will be able to deposit in one currency from anywhere across the world and get the delivery in another currency from anywhere in the world. 

This is indeed revolutionary about XRP. There is no need to get ownership of XRP physically.  Astronomical volumes of such transactions can take place.

Institutional investors are interested in the XRP technology impressed by the amount of money and time they can save in terms of transfer fees. Hedge fund managers love XRP. And, the token is optimized to work in the best way possible. 

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