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Beam Web Wallet and Trustless Wallet Service on YouTube

January 18, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

The Beam is a privacy coin based on the MimbleWimble protocol.  Beam is one of the new wave of coins implementing the MimbleWimble Protocol.  Beam Africa had a great 2019, and 2020 is expected to look Epic.  Several substantial-tech updates are expected this year.

Sydney Ifergan, Crypto Expert tweeted: “We wait to see if Beam will offset the issues inherent in privacy coins.  We need to see if Beam will truly return privacy to people as stated by Alexander Zaidelson.”

Beam is one of the many efforts to deal with the shortcomings of the existing privacy coins. Grin and Beam were launched just a few days apart. Beam facilitates for stronger control over one’s privacy.  The users should turn on their privacy features if they do not want their transactions treated as public.  Private is not by default.  However, if the investors enable the feature, it is honored to the core.  

The users will be able to determine if they can be private or otherwise.  They can decide which information will be available to which parties and what can be exchanged with the Beam Platform. Beam facilitates advanced scalability by keeping the blockchain lean and compact. The structure sustains the longevity of the cryptoverse.

Beam transactions on the Mimble Wimble Protocol Do Not Cause a Bloating of the Network

The Beam network makes use of the “scriptless script,” therefore facilitates more than just transfer of value. The token supports escrow, atomic swaps, and time-locked transactions.  The major mission for Beam is to concentrate on the privacy element. The network integrates Escrow, Atomic Swaps, and Time-Locked Transactions.  Further, the protocol provides for the integration of unforgeable digital signatures.  The network is auditable on demand.

Beam Privacy takes necessary Architectural steps.  “Not only a Web Wallet, but a wallet service that will allow $BEAM to be easily integrated with existing wallet providers.”

Beam Web Wallet and Trustless Wallet Service

A YouTube Video by Alex Romanov provides a clear insight into the ongoing development of the Beam Trustless Wallet Service.

There are several shops and markets that accept Beam.  A wide range of services, starting from accounting, hosting solutions, and VPN, accepts Beam.  The token is also accepted for Gaming, Gambling, and donations.

The token depends on miners to add the transaction block to the network.  Beam Hash II a modified version of Equihash (150,5) proof of work mining algorithm.

The Mining Calculator can be used to estimate the coins per block, network hash rate, block time in seconds, GPU card, Hashrate, Number of Cards, GPU card Wattage, Beam Price, and Electricity cost per kW/h.

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