Blockstamp BST is truly a Blockchain Fairness Ecosystem with BST Cryptocurrency

By dan saada January 18, 2020 Off
blockstamp BST cryptocurrency

Blockstamp is a fork of Bitcoin Blockchain.  Signature storage and document storage are essential to ensure a hack-proof and secure system to store data.  The primary purpose of Blockstamp is tamperproof time stamping of banking transactions.  Further applications for Money transfer Stock exchange prices Bonds Debentures Bank loans Notes payable and other debts units are also implemented.

The price of the BST has been trending at $0.452045.

Blockstamp tweeted:  “Future of document storage.” Thus, indicating a blockchain ecosystem that provides for fairness, privacy, authentication, and freedom.

The markets for Blockstamp are, HitBTC, Digifinex, Contiger, Coinall, Crex24, Tokok, and Stex.  The BST blockchain is near-tamper proof.  Each block equals 1 BST, and it will remain constant all over time.  Shorter transactions facilitate quick confirmations — the BST supply increases by 500,000 BST in a year.  The difficulty adjustment algorithm is a lot similar to DAA.

Blockstamp peer-to-peer DNS and BST

Several Domains are watched against the will of the users.  Peer-to-peer DNS will facilitate the prevention and blocking of domains against the will of the users.

BST is considered to be a valid and profitable investment option because it is a Bitcoin fork, and it is likely to be stable and well-priced.  Since the BST is already mined and used, it will not join the Dead coin list.

The Blockstamp wallet consists of advanced features.  It is enabled with 2-factor Authentication (2FA) though optional, users are recommended to use it. However, the team assures that even if the users do not use the 2FA, the wallet is still secure.

Sydney Ifergan, Crypto Expert Tweeted:  “Whether $BST or any other cryptocurrency, it is only prudent not to put them all in one place.”

The team requests that the BST be stored in a wallet and not in exchange. As the value of the BST grows, it is good not to store them on exchanges. An excellent way to be immune to exit scam. It is about the common sense of protecting gains.

Blockstamp facilitates fairness with BST cryptocurrency in Games

The primary goal of Blockstamp games is to build a new platform, which hosts for players providing for randomness with 0% edge and minimal fees. 

The BST cryptocurrency is developed to provide for fairness purposes. Thus, Blockstamp ensures authenticity at all levels with fairness and transparency, thus preventing possible tampering with game results.  The technology is particularly useful in the casino industry to eradicate gambling misconceptions, establishing that chance cannot be controlled.