Stellar Lumens Test Network Reset on January 29, 2020

By Steven Anderson January 23, 2020 Off
Stellar Lumens Network

The Stellar Network is becoming an increasingly attractive place to work for several reasons. The price of Stellar at the time of reporting has been trending at $0.063801. The Network continues to connect financial institutions making use of federated Byzantine agreement (FBA) algorithm to enable quicker transactions.

Stellar Network Tweeted:  The next #Stellar test network reset will be on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at 0900 UTC.

Stellar provides a detailed insight into recovery from the Testnet reset. The script is very straight forward.  A new section has been added to the homepage detailing the runnable code samples, which demonstrate the feature of the Network.

Jed McCaleb tweeted:  “Lightnet is showing the world what we can do with @stellar technology.”

Tyler van der Hoeven tweeted:  “I’m excited to be hosting the #Stellar Build-Your-Own-Wallet Workshop on February 19 at Cloudflare in SF. “

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Stellar Network is giving a new reason every day for people and institutions to join them and to use their services.  It is just about how opportunities meet the time availability of people who make the best use of Stellar Network features.”

Stellar Lumens XLM Wallets

Stellar Lumens helps in the storage and spending of XLM using Hardware Wallets like Ledger Nano S with the offline private key and therefore helps to connect with several web and desktop apps. An alternative to the Ledger Nano S is the Trezor wallet.

The downloadable wallets like Keybase, Solar Wallet, Lobstr helps store the private key on the app either on the mobile or desktop device. Coinbase facilitates web wallets that can be used by investors to check for their account balance and to sign transactions.

Stellar Lumens Promoting New Participants

The Stellar Development Foundation does not have shareholders, dividends, or profit motives. Lumens XLM funds the SDF.  Stellar is a global company working to establish Stellar as a global payment standard.  Lumens (XLM) is used to promote Stellar.  The ledger addresses that hold the funds contribute to Stellar’s success. Anyone can monitor the progression of Stellar through the appropriate links.  A yearly audit and accounting of stellar programs are available, thus facilitating integrity and transparency in programs.

The Stellar Foundation focuses on leading the development of Stellar Core and Horizon.  Framing policies near Stellar and blockchain, eventually communicating with regulators and policy-makers and improving on the business ecosystems and network technology. Promote Stellar technology to newer participants.

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