Ripple (XRP) might touch $145 by the end of 2020 – Is the hype real?

By Maheen Hernandez February 3, 2020 Off
ripple XRP 2020 Hype

Investors continue to be bullish in XRP as the token has taken off. Some express that XRP might touch $145 by the end of 2020.  Is the hype real?

One Mark Brown tweeted:  “When I first started investing, everyone told me that #XRP is a SCAM! Everyone told me that the point of Crypto was to stay away from governments. Now all the projects are being used by governments, and the ones who told me XRP was a scam are gone. Where are they now??”

Several Institutions who are making use of XRP/Ripple like Money Gram are saying that XRP is working great. They mean to say it works great at little value.   They are honest with small revenues, and SMEs benefit from them, and everyone is willing to come to XRP.

XRP Practical Line of Thought

A solid line of thought suggests that everyone who thought of cryptocurrency as going mainstream by avoiding the Government might not be thinking real.  The Government will never want to give up on its dominance, and the world of finance is what fuels the existence of governments.  Perhaps we are dreaming that governments will not interfere.

Sydney Ifergan tweeted:  “Stay Strong #XRP and those who #HODL XRP are making a good find.  There are doubters, but the believers are huge. And, interestingly, the XRP is going up without #Bitcoin. The XRP market seems to be stabilizing for itself.”

XRP Extremely Bullish

Despite the widespread thought by skeptics that Crypto is a bubble, those who have invested in Crypto have done the smartest thing.  Those who are holding XRP will not forget the February of 2020 according to a tweet by Crypto Bull. Adding to it, the tweet states that the XRP was named in Congress, which is a good sign.

“You are familiar with XRP and the efforts of Ripple.”

Many of them who are invested have to say that they are not sure about what XRP will be valued at by the end of the day, end of the week, but they are sure that the price will go up. They are sure that it will be valued a lot more than today, which they say is the reason for why they are invested in the token.

Skeptics have a range of things to state about XRP like “it is a security, it is not decentralized, it is highly volatile, Nostro, Vostro, Ripple Dumping, no utility and more.” However, XRP continues to grow.

Those who bought XRP early this year are up by 40% already. Many of them were stating not possible, and it is time we remember giants like Amazon, which grew beyond what skeptics had to state. XRP is set to be the most significant technology of the current generation.