TRON’s Justin Sun Gifts Warren Buffet’s First Lucky Bitcoin

By Steven Anderson February 7, 2020 Off
Justin Sun Tron Warren buffet

Justin Sun completes his dinner with Warren Buffet; it seems like they have discussed cryptocurrencies during dinner.

Justin Sun tweeted, “Great things take time. Thank you, @WarrenBuffett, for your dinner, wisdom, & vision. I’ll always remember your sage advice on making #TRON more successful. Interesting talk re charities, #Bitcoin, @Tesla, & #TRON. C U at #BRK2020 & look forward to reunion meal in 2030!”

Sun further tweeted, “Amazing dinner w/@WarrenBuffett finally! Thx for your support & advice on how to take #TRON to the next level! Loved our talk on #Bitcoin, @Tesla, & #TRON! Glad to support @GLIDEsf as well! C U at #BRK2020 & our reunion meal in 2030!”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Tron’s Justin Sun tweeting about the reunion meal 2030 is indicative that he will take enough time to convince Buffet concerning cryptocurrencies.  Probably, Buffet would be convinced about the crypto by then.”

Sun Tweeted: “@WarrenBuffett feels #Bitcoin still needs a lot of work to capture the value of #blockchain. I told Mr. Buffett #Bitcoin is the currency for the next generation. Mr. Buffett smiled and said, “I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in $USD.” LOL!

Tron Justin Sun about Lunch and Bitcoin Gift

Warrant Buffet believes that there is a great potential in the blockchain technology. Further several of the portfolio companies of Buffet are exploring it. Justin tweeted that Buffet is curious to see how the blockchain will play in the payment industry over the next ten years.

Sun opines that the insights he received from Warren Buffet are priceless.

Justin Sun has gifted what he tweets is the first Bitcoin of Warren Buffet. Sun calls it a lucky bitcoin.  And, it is stored safely in “his Samsung Galaxy Fold.”

The Samsung Galaxy Fold that Sun bought has built-in TRON.  And, he stated that Warren Buffet is officially the owner of TRX. He expresses that he gifted him 1,930,830 $TRX equivalent to Buffet’s bday! The Buffet had joked that he wished that he was born later to have more of TRX.

Sun had also shown Buffet how to transfer $TRX from one to another.  Sun had transferred 45,67888 TRX, which is equivalent to the auction bid, he stated that Mr. Buffett was impressed by the speed of #TRON!

TRON Justin Sun – Gifts

Sun had gifted Mr. Buffet with #Samsung Folds embedded w/100 $BTT, 100 $WIN & $USDT-TRC20. He had given a Bronze Horse since they were both born during the Year of the Horse, 1930/1990! He further gifted Buffet with a traditional Chinese paper cutting of mouse in celebration of the Year of the Mouse 2020!

Warren Buffet had autographed “The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham,” The Snowball by Alice Schroeder, and a few others. Sun stated that he would cherish them forever.

Sun had autographed his book entitled “A Brave New World” with a personal note to Buffet.

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