Cardano Ada Charles Hoskinson

Cardano ADA Charles Hoskinson on Bundling Identity, Payment, Authentication and Supply Chain Systems

February 10, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Charles Hoskinson, Founder of IOHK / Cardano at the Ivan live tech, spoke about the significance of blockchain technology in the supply chain management.

Peter Brandt, Commodity Trading Legend, stated, “Buy” when it comes to #Cardano ($ADA).

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The Cardano ADA leadership has keen perceptions about the way blockchain should be implemented. Whether it is about supply chain management for food or medicine, they know why it is important.”

Cardano ADA Charles Hoskinson on Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The most important conversation right now, according to Charles Hoskinson, is in the Logistics and supply chain management systems. He stated, “There are a lot of reasons for why we want to do that; for example, if you are buying agricultural goods, you would like to know if the people are following their trade, are they following sustainable farming practices, GMO and the use of pesticides is a hot topic, people get so conservative with what fertilizers you use and so forth and to feel carbon neutral.  Well, these are all qualitative and quantitative claims about the food and about the agricultural goods that you are purchasing.”

He further stated, “And, socially conscious and health-conscious consumers are demanding evidence that the things that they are putting into their bodies get treated with this degree of respect. Or how does Ethiopia prove, and for that, you have to get farmers who are analog. They don’t have cell phones, internet connections; they don’t have reliable power.  I mean, when they grow their coffee beans, they put it on the back of a donkey, and they drive it to a washing station. I mean, this is the technology that they are sitting with, and somehow they have to prove that they are following sustainable farming practices, what types of fertilizers they are using, and so forth.”

Cardano ADA Charles Hoskinson on Operating the System

Hoskinson established on how “there is a global conversation about how do we operate the system, and it turns out that the most natural systems to use to solve the problem happen to be blockchain. Because you could bundle the identity system, the supply chain system, the payment system, authentication systems all with one set of technology. And, that set of technology needs to be transnational, and it needs to be a public, private partnership. A hybrid system, and it needs to be very easy to integrate into.”

He stressed the importance of change by stating, “So, there is a lot of conversation around that particular area. Once you have that infrastructure there is no reason not to use that like Hey let’s use it as the property ledger, let us also use it to conduct the census, hey let us also use it as our voting system, let us also use it as our voucher system for microfinance to give away fertilizer or direct foreign aid, hey let us also use it to track displaced diaspora, and so forth.”

So, this is I think the foundation of bedrock conversation, especially the developing world using blockchain for agrotech and mostly focusing on proving claims about supply chains — anything just for health and safety.

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