Bitshares (BTS) User-Issued Assets Launching a Token or a Blockchain Business in 2020

By Maheen Hernandez February 20, 2020 Off
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A lot has been happening in the BitShares community due to their consolidated approach to marketing. The BitShares events for 2020 are yet to be announced.  

Bitshares have been lately excited about the importance of a corporate approach and standards in crypto. They have explored about how a startup should go into launching a token or a blockchain business in 2020.

While there are no official announcements in this regard, the opinions expressed in the corporate approach are from information discussions and observations in and around BitShares. They, however, confirm that blockchains and cryptocurrencies are not guarantees of untold wealth.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Holding licenses and staying in compliance with financial regulatory guidelines are better for corporates looking to create a coin-based on BTS BitShares.”

It is not good for corporate blockchains to be starting with privacy or anonymity coins.  Innovations should not be dismissed, but the dark approach does not help either.  The BitShares Token Factory permits users to create digital assets with “flags and features which can greatly ease regulatory processing.”

Bitshares (BTS) – Daniel Larimer Visionary Programmer

Daniel Larimer founded Bitshares (BTS).  BTS is more of an Equity than a “currency.”  The BTS tokens are used as collateral for several decentralized financial services like currency rails, derivative creation, banking, and smart contracts.  The consensus algorithm is based on DPoS.  The block time is 1.5 second average, 3 sec max, with ~1.5 sec latency for 99.9% irreversibility certainty.

Bitshares management is controlled by Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC). Privatized smart coins are the major inspiration for BitShares.

Daniel Larimer, a visionary programmer of BitShares recently opined in his tweet” “Any databases that wish to evolve to #blockchain level security would need to become programmable, deterministic, and directly manage end-user accounts. Stored procedures are a far cry from smart contracts. Separating business logic from database integrity is broken badly.”

User-Issued Assets from Bitshares BTS

The User-Issued Assets from Bitshares provides for a profitable business model for some types of services.  It is a type of “Custom Token Registered on the Platform.”  Users can hold and trade these tokens with some restrictions.

The user issued assets work as use cases in deposit receipts, know your customer, asset seizing, market restriction, transfer restrictions, company shares, event tickets, reward points, individual or corporate debt, crowdfunding, and digital property.

Bitshares recently reflected upon how BitShares was proud to co-present the Decentralized19 conference in the past year along with UNIC.  They have also published a small teaser video.

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