NEM Symbol Facilitating Advanced Enterprise Features in Public and Private Blockchain

By Steven Anderson March 22, 2020 Off
nem public private blockchain

The NEM Symbol Platform is all set to facilitate business with the built-in features available on the network protocol, thereby making it possible to provide for solutions that can be developed quickly.  Each of the features is flexible and, therefore, can be conveniently integrated by making use of APIs, thus permitting them to save time, thereby ensuring the security and the integrity of their proprietary code.

The Advanced Enterprise Features from NEM is facilitated by a Hybrid Integrated Private and Public Blockchain, Mosaics, Aggregated transactions, Multi-Level, Multi-signature accounts, Metadata Controls, Enhanced Account Restrictions, and Cross-Chain Transactions.

The different versions of the updated repositories of NEM and Symbol are now made available on Github. Thus facilitates with an idea about how the open-source community works based on the related project efforts. Therefore, it helps importantly on getting started.

NEM has appreciated the efforts of Flora Fang, the Business Development Lead for Taiwan and China for contributing to growth goals.

NEM also recognized the contribution of Sharie Ingente, the Creative Director for the NEM Foundation.  They acknowledge about how she used to be coordinating outreach to build the NEM community.

Jesyka Hiu, in charge of Business Development Manager for NEM Malaysia, was recognized and introduced with a phrase that spoke about her right experience in marketing and business development. Several other contributors were also known for their contribution.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert Tweeted:  “Giving developers the best tool to keep going is very important in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, NEM Symbol Platform is facilitating just that. There are a lot of options for developers to work now.”

NEM Confusions about SYMBOL

Those who are confused about the multi-layer network, atomic cross-chain swaps, or aggregate transactions will want to check out a publication from Kailin O’Donnel. The NEM provides the facilities required to get an edge over several other applications in terms of integrating finances, providing for a secure and comfortable environment. AEM Algorithm testifies the same. They clarify why they chose NEM.

Dave Hodgson, Director, and Co-founder of NEM Ventures, recently shared his experiences about how he started at NEM.  He also shared his perception of where NEM ventures would be trending in the forthcoming years.   

The NEM Foundation has made a lot of progress in migration decisions, governance, transparency, making global changes to regulations and compliance, hiring experienced software professionals, and bringing in a lot of subject matter experts to strengthen their team.