Nexo Still Good in Businesses on Blockchain Lets Assets Work for 8% APY Despite Lot of Sell off

By Maheen Hernandez March 22, 2020 Off
Nexo blockchain finance

While the whole of the financial world has little to get excited about despite trying to be resilient in the current crisis, NEXO has stated, “Despite the market meltdown, Nexo’s ‘Earn Interest’ rates will remain a stable 8% through these tumultuous times.”

They have further clarified how they can sustain their excellent service despite the current uncertainty in global finance.

Nexo does not seem to be apprehensive when they call out, stating, “It’s lucky St. Patrick‘s Day! The most fortunate time to start earning passive income with your digital pot of gold & Nexo‘s “Earn Interest Product”!  Let your assets work for you & get 8% APY & daily compounding interest.”

Nexo recently expressed that they were proud to have been recognized and celebrated by the ADVFN’s international financial awards, 2020, alongside the banking leaders.

They continue to reinstate about how the interest rate from across the world will be below zero and about how Nexo will help investors earn 8% on your USD, EUR, GBP, and Stable coins.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “It is surprising to see NEXO all positive like they have their business economy on another planet. Do they mean what they say? And during tough economic times, how is it possible? Guarantee!”

Nexo Promises to Serve During Turbulent times.

NEXO Robust Financial Institutions

NEXO keeps talking about the Assets Working for 8% APY Despite lot of Sell Off.  Are they able to process transactions as always? Are they able to weather the storm by borrowing and earning attractive rates? Are they able to function normally without the downtime, and do they have a normal and usual business time at all?  It is indeed happening, or is it a marketing gig?

All this because they recently tweeted about a week ago:  “Despite the severe sell-off, all Nexo services and systems function normally with no downtime, so it is business as usual over here. We are processing transactions as always so that all of you can weather the storm by continuing to borrow and earn at our attractive rates.”

The bear market is technically nothing when compared to a corona market.  So, if this is true and one network can, the rest of the network should be able to get through it all. Master Challenges of robust financial institutions, which will continue to dominate the years to come.

Everyone would love to deliver stellar work quality.  Good if the client’s funds and systems are secure. Is liquidity a reality now?