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Holochain (HOT) The Current Market Frequency is not the right Yard Stick

March 23, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

HoloChain tweeted:  “Building with Holochain means you can design completely serverless apps that run on the devices of the users themselves.  You get the performance & integrity of server-based apps with the resilience and user empowerment of distributed apps.”

Holochain (HOT) also acknowledged that online meetups are so right now, in a way facilitating social distancing.  Anyone willing to start off with Holochain can start by installing HoloChain, go through the core concepts tutorials and glossary, and start their journey.

A lot is happening in several online Holochain Community meetups.  And, ultimately, the question is, will the value go up?  The answer is.  There is a unique utility for every crypto, and every kind of crypto facilitates as a utility, which obviously is useful to a community.  However, it is true that for the value to increase, there should be high demand and high volume.

There is no need for the growth to go to the moon.  It is okay if the token is growing at a nice pace.  Looking at the scenario in the panic-driven finance market, it feels like we need to take the profit and get off, and it feels like the price might drop off like hell.  However, that is not the case.  The utility and value are not judged during an unfortunate disaster striking the whole world.

We are now dealing with a situation where the whole world is helpless.  The value is there; the demand is something that will come when the calm returns to normal if not a miracle crypto Holochain are sure worth the money invested.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Holochain is good for serverless apps and is at par with server-based apps.  They are sure super-efficient considering their 5000 nodes.  People are okay with anything resilient.”

Holochain (HOT) Strange Times

These are strange times for Holochain like for other cryptocurrencies.  They are, however, not stopping their work; they are continuing to work, and most of them are working from home committed to delivering their goals from home.

For those who are thinking in terms of long term investment in cryptocurrencies, this is a crypto that will bring in profits in the future.  The current market frequency is not the right yardstick, though. Those who trade for benefits will be able to practically profit from the ups and down by selling and buying at the right time. Profits happen all the time; it is about choosing how we need it.

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