CoinPoker Permits Trading BTC and ETH for CHP Cryptocurrency for Poker

By Steven Anderson March 25, 2020 Off
coinpoker crypto series of poker

CoinPoker is the first crypto poker software.  They provide decentralized power powered by cryptocurrency. 

CoinPoker tweets:  “Join up with @TonyGuoga and @ViktorBlom here at CoinPoker. Take them both on in some PLO, if you dare.”

Antanas Guoga tweeted on how he was stuck on a catamaran in Tahiti, French Polynesia and was playing ViktorBlom heads up on coinpoker at CoinPoker_OFF trading bitcoin. He stated that trading Bitcoin has been fun over the last few days.

So, Antanas Guoga is in Quarantine in Tahiti.  He stated that playing lots of poker online is booming again.  He stated that the softest and most fun filled games are at CoinPoker_OFF.

The new CoinPoker Mobile App is already here.  The biggest challenge currently is the gameplay, which goes from the horizontal to the vertical.  Coinpoker states that going vertical is one of the many changes.  They provide a 1000 CHP Welcome Bonus. The OFC is available in the app.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “CoinPoker organizes Crypto Series of Poker. These tournament series returns CHP in guaranteed prize money along with 2.55 BTC in bounty and leaderboard prizes.”

Players into a poker tournament adapt to the tournament structure.  When the levels increase fast, it becomes important to open up the game and to take more risks.  When the structure is really slow, then players take time to observe opponents patterns and they tweak their play accordingly. It is about Adapt to the Situation. Focus is the key to the game.     

CoinPoker CHP Transactions Easily Verified

CHP is the cryptocurrency that powers the bets made in Coin Poker. However, there is no need to have CHP to play on Coin Poker.  Players are also permitted to deposit BTC or ETH.  Users need to go through the procedures for ETH and BTC deposits accordingly.

The CHP chips are ERC-2- Tokens which is used in CoinPoker for making bets and payments from one’s account.  The CHP can be purchased from several exchanges and can be held in ERC-20 compatible wallets.  The CHP transfers are powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts.

The major advantage of using CHP is that it eliminates the lack of transparency in traditional poker rooms.  Thus, the deposits and withdrawals are simplified.  The transactions can be easily verified unless like in traditional poker rooms.

BTC and ETH are easily traded for CHP. A reliable and secure crypto wallet is necessary for those who are making first time purchases of cryptocurrencies.

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