Numeraire (NMR) Cryptocurrency to Monopolize Intelligence and Decentralize Monopoly

By dan saada March 25, 2020 Off
numeraire NMR Decentralize intelligence

Numeraire (NMR) focuses on managing all the money in the world using a decentralized network of autonomous AI agents.  They have a clear master plan in place to get this plan going. If good predictions should be made, it is important to have good data.

Numeraire considers it is important to have production-grade financial data, which is the hardest to find.  Hedge funds spend millions in the process of buying and managing data.  Since they have spent a lot of money to get production-grade financial data, they keep it a secret.

Numeraire provides production-grade financial data for free.  Their Data is obfuscated to keep the actual assets and features a secret while preserving their underlying structure.

The role of the developer is to train the model to make predictions from the sample. Using the Data, developers work through modeling, submissions, scoring, staking, earn a place on the leaderboard, and final towards the Meta-Model contribution.  The Meta Model consists of Calculation, Design Explanations, and Payout.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Using data from Numeraire (NMR) developers train the machine learning algorithms to submit predictions to the hedge fund. They are set to monopolize data, money, and intelligence and eventually decentralize Monopoly. Good.”

NMR is the native cryptocurrency of Numeraire, and it has played a great role in growing their community of data scientists and also in growing the quality of the intelligence they provide.

Numeraire (NMR) ErasureBay for Summoning Intelligence

Numerai tweeted:  “Numerai’s intent is not to be swept up in everyday price swings and tail-risk events like coronavirus – by aiming to be volatility-neutral, market-neutral – neutral to every factor. Even “pandemic-neutral,” says Craib.”

Numeraire (NMR) staking is an extraordinary success.  Several developers show a keen interest in earning money by staking NMR.  The quality of the predications improved significantly, and the models were isolated and included in the meta-model.

Numerai, on March 23, 2020, retweeted:  “62780 $NMR is currently staked on the Erasure-protocol, up 3761 compared to yesterday.”

Erasure Bay is the market place for sourcing any information like secrets and predictions.  The requested information is matched with stakes by fulfillers who get paid when the information meets the said parameters.  The DAI is used for the staking, and the NMR is burnt in the background. Also, Erasure Bay wants to use blockchain to stop fake news.  The first step to summoning intelligence out of thin air is to make requests on ErasureBay.