Huobi Token (HT) Recently Launched Perpetual Swaps on the Blockchain Space

By Steven Anderson April 9, 2020 Off
perpetual swaps huobi token ht blockchain space

Perpetual Swaps is the new happening in Huobi Token (HT). Perpetual swaps have been launched on Huobi Futures.  They have launched perpetual BTC bonus.  Further launched ETH on swaps. 

Huobi Charity expressed their concern regarding the Coronavirus situation in Africa stating:  “It’s a very concerning situation in Africa right now. Hope the African region can get prepared, take measures, and, more importantly, the entire international community will do what they can to provide help.”

Due to unspecified regulatory concerns, Huobi US (HBUS) halted their operations. However, the Huobi Group based in Singapore has stated that they would return; however, they did not specify about when they will return.

Ciara Sun, Huobi Group’s vice president of global business, stated that the exchange is focusing to re-launch their business in partnership with a local licensed trading platform. They are thus making it possible for them to be in regulatory compliance for lower costs.

Sun further stated as a part of previous experience the Huobi’s strategy to enter the US over again will be to partner with a firm that is fully regulated.  She reinstated that when they come back as Huobi Group, there will be no legal entity like the Huobi US anymore.

By virtue of the partnership, the Huobi exchange will be offering OTC brokerages and asset management services. Further, the exchange will focus on extending their services to retail investors there.

Huobi Token (HT) Perpetual Swaps

Perpetual swaps are a kind of derivatives trading that come without an expiry date.  These are very popular among crypto traders because it permits for speculation and price action without having to be the owner of an underlying asset type.

Normally in perpetual trading, if the trader thinks that the price of the asset is going to increase, then they go long in their position.  If the traders thinks that the price of the asset is going to decrease, then they open a short position.  The trader does not have to own the underlying asset to speculate the price movements. They will be able to make profits when the price goes down without having to own the asset.

Users tend to verify the laws of their location to understand the applicable laws in their country to understand legality before engaging in these activities. Huobi has tens of millions of users in more than 150 countries. About 29% of all the Bitcoin Miners deposited their BTC in Huobi.  The exchanges vouches for 8.7 billion worth of crypto assets. About 4.5% of crypto are maintained in Huobi.

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