Ripple XRP Will be the Basket for all Eggs of Investments from Investors

By Steven Anderson April 30, 2020 Off
ripple xrp global reserve currency

The IMF has been investigating and endorsing digital currencies more and more, and Ripple seems to have caught its eye already.  Several Central Banks are lining up to build a digital asset.

Previously, Chris Larsen, Co-Founder of Ripple, was involved in high-level discussions with the International Monetary Fund.  The main focus of the meeting was about how emerging technologies like blockchain can help in the process of improving data and cybersecurity.

The IMF has already envisioned what the new financial system will look like.  It is very clear that some big changes are set to come.  The US to Mexico corridor is already live with On-demand liquidity. Ripple XRP has already begun its mission of disrupting the cross-border payments market.

Bob Ras, CoinField CEO, expressed that, “Ripple XRP probably might become the global reserve currency.”

Ripple XRP is considered to be powerful to bridge the stock markets and the cryptocurrency market.

Ripple tweeted:  “Exciting news for @scb_thailand , which announced the launch of its Outward Remittance Service via SCB EASY powered by #RippleNet to improve cross-border payments.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Ripple XRP are already doing a great job concerning cross border payments.  The pandemic is not the time for Ripple to set its food in creating bombarding mass adoption, though.”

Previously, Randi Zuckerberg also opined that Ripple would be taking off in the next 2 years.  She further stated that the world order is set to be reshuffled during the blockchain technology. She also narrowed down, stating that Asia will be leading the pack.

Ripple is continuing to work on bringing in more diversity in the blockchain.

Ripple (XRP) is 1000x Faster and Better

Ripple XRP community members agree that Bitcoin used to be the prototype, but XRP they say is 1000x faster and better than many use cases.

Chris Larsen, in the past, stated, this industry is at an inflection point. We, Ripple, ask govt leaders here in the U.S. and around the world to not put all crypto in one bucket. There are legitimate, formative use cases — let’s work together to advance innovation while protecting consumers. The time is now.”

Ripple has always required the congress to avoid the idea of not painting all the digital currencies with one broad brush.

An overly excited XRP enthusiast playfully stated, “They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and I agree, but #XRP will be the basket for all eggs!”

There are some analysts who have stopped making price predictions as they are not ready to riddle up investors; however, even such analysts are sure that XRP might change the lives of people.