There Remain Many Ways to Make Quick Money in Cryptocurrency in This Week’s Bitcoin News

By Steven Anderson June 12, 2018 Off

This week, people learned there remain many ways for them to earn quick cash in cryptocurrency even though the market is not exactly booming right now. With that, America universities are now beginning to invest in hedge funds of cryptocurrencies.

It’s been reported last week that both German financial institutions and US universities now invest in cryptocurrency. In Germany, there are at least six banks trading cryptocurrencies, according to the Federal Ministry of Finance.

On the other hand, a lawyer working the academic field revealed several US universities also started to make small investments in crypto hedge funds in a limited basis for and for strategic reasons. These institutions are out making money with cryptocurrency even though the market is low right now.

Another way of making a fortune in crypto has also been reported last week. This was a featured story of a guy named Guido Vrnaken. He was a software security auditor, also known as a white-hat hacker. He works in the Netherlands and has been reported to make a whopping $120,000 in only a week.

He does it by simply by hunting bugs in the EOS code. Apparently, the EOS ICO has recently brought in $4 billion and this ICO isn’t short on bugs. This makes it seem like looking for bugs in its system is a great way of fattening one’s wallet if only one is willing to work at it.

Another news also came to about cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin mining. Data center technology seems to have quite an interesting development. This said development is believed to be the signal for bitcoin mining’s evolution to the next frontier.

This interesting development refers to one of the data centers of Microsoft now operating around 100 ft. or -30m below the North Sea’s surface. It’s located near the British Orkney Islands. Called Project Natick, renewable energy through tidal, wind, and solar installations powers the data center.

These are some of the most interesting news about cryptocurrency this week. It is great to know there are still ways to earn quick money through cryptocurrency. But aside from the alternative means of earning cash, the most commented news recently was the real identity of the creator of Bitcoin.

According to a nonprofit in England, they were successful in finding out the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But whether their method of analysis that includes a bootstrapping method is correct, it might not mean anything unless someone actually says he, or she, says they are Satoshi.