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yappadappadoo AppStore

Zug, 27.06.2018: Sometimes it is easy to decide which projects you want to invest in. Gamechanging idea, future-proof technology, low competition and a trustworthy, experienced management team.

The Swiss ICO yappadappadoo ticks all of these boxes and demands a deeper look! yappadappadoo is a Blockchain linked ecosystem that brings Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to all 4.5 billion users of mobile devices worldwide. The yappadappadoo ICO is rated a 4.7 on icobench.

The yappadappadoo App Store is a Blockchain linked ecosystem, bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to all mobile devices worldwide. Explore the yappadappadoo App Store now. Even the most inexperienced user can try apps by clicking on the icons for more information on the application or, clicking on the rocket to launch the app – no installation, no download required!

But where did all this begin? The term “Progressive Web Applications” was coined in 2015 by Frances Berriman Alex Russell. PWAs are apps which use the new features offered by modern browsers and give a first-class user experience (UX).

The question that spontaneously at this point is; where all of this will lead? Is the market ready for the PWAs? Not only the market seems to be ready but there is a definite need for PWAs. This technology already has many success stories.

One example is Jumia, – also known as Africa Internet Group. In the recent years, it became one of the key players in the emerging African market. The potential of this market is indeed huge. It’s important to keep in mind that one key feature of this market is that 75% mobile-originating customers mostly have access only to 2G networks and lower grade hardware.

PWAs – which work even offline – were just the natural choice for Jumia, who are already present in 14 African markets.

The Flint Token is at the heart of the yappadappadoo ecosystem and can be used to buy apps, in-app content and other services in our App Store, ensuring its future viability and adoption, while also allowing superior transaction efficiency over existing application platforms.

The yappadappadoo Project and App Store are carried out by ITC Information Technology Consultants GmbH, a company registered in Zug, Switzerland.

yappadappadoo.com ITC GmbH Gartenstraße 2 6302 Zug Switzerland

Contact: [email protected]
ICO Website: www.yappadappadoo.io
App Store: www.yappadappadoo.com
Telegram: https://t.me/yappadappadoochat
Twitter: @yappadappadoo

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