Lisk (LSK) Builder Program Submissions Before the Last Sunday Every Month

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lisk LSK builder program

Lisk is an open source blockchain application platform. We empower developers with a software development kit for blockchain applications written in JavaScript.

Lisk recently published their monthly Lisk Achievement in their blog post.  The top achievements, news, and updates for June 2020 were also published.

Lisk recently expressed that when a new transaction type was implemented, it always was necessary to contain the logic to undo its actions, particularly with a blockchain rollback. Due to i.a. the deterministic lisk-codec library and switch to an embedded database, this now happens automatically.

Therefore for any state change, the difference is being calculated and stored.  Thus, in a blockchain rollback it can be retrieved to go back to the previous state.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “The LISK Builders Program is an inspiring process for those developers who build their own proof of concept.”

The Lisk Builders Program focuses on supporting developers with funding to build a proof of concept application making use of blockchain applications making use of Lisk SDK.

Every month, about two participants are chosen from the proof of concept blockchain applications and this is based on the quality of the submissions.  The timeframe facilitated is the 6-weeks timeframe.  The funding is one time with 2,500 CHF for each of the proof of concept blockchain application, which is paid out once the requirements are met.

The proof of concepts blockchain applications should be developed in their own blockchain making use of the Lisk SDK.  A user interface as well should be developed.

The applications are made before the last Sunday of every month.  The process is to Brainstorm, apply, on-boarding, develop, write, and to submit the application.

Some of the notable projects funded in the past consist of Lisk Bike, Chronicler, and Feat Chain.

Lisk (LSK) Security and Fairness

“Max and Oliver set up the Lisk Foundation in Zug, Switzerland in 2016.” Lisk focuses a lot in bringing talent to the blockchain world.  Their focus is to attract as many developers to make use of Lisk to develop the decentralized future with Lisk products.  LSK focuses empowering developers to build the blockchain ecosystem.

Lisk believes that blockchain ensures security and provides for fairness.  Blockchain applications appear like regular apps; however, they will be running on different nodes, thus providing for unprecedented security and scalability.  Since here is no central entity managing the application, it helps avoiding unnecessary fee and censorship with seamless user experience. 

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