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Why is now the best time ever to join Steem? Steemians to Forget the Past History and Bad Memories

June 29, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Steem is an application specific blockchain, which has been created to home fast and functional social dapps. Steemit recently expressed that they are looking forward to confronting with more Steemians from across the Latin American countries.  They further stated that this project will focus more on supporting 100% original content creators while encouraging participation via challenges, contests, workshops and several other activities.

Steemit recently tweeted:  Why is now the best time ever to join Steem?

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “STEEM, Steemit, Steemians are new vocabularies we need to get used to in the cryptocurrency space.”

There is a free signup system available with Steemit.  They claim that an exciting journey will get started in just five steps. While the Steemit community are clear about what is important, the network is only getting better than before.

Some ask “Why would anyone want to sign up for a project that is already dead?” 

Is Steem dead or alive?

STEEM Past History

Steem in the past tweeted:  “The future of Steamit and TRON looks Promising.”

Justin Sun on the past tweeted:  “Our intention is never to take over any blockchain but to protect the sanctity of private property! On Feb. 22, some ppl froze 65 million STEEM legally owned by Steemit. On March 3, the same ppl are trying to freeze exchanges assets.”

Some of them have already began reporting the Steemit account as a fake account.  There have been widespread claims in the past that with Steem Justin Sun would use the account to make fake claims.

And at one point in time when the issue was at the peak CZ Binance interfered in the process.  He stated on how if the issue was not resolved quickly or properly might significantly damage the credibility of STEEM and also its price.  He also reinstated on how it was important to stand united and to fall divided.  Nothing worked the magic.

Lot of arguments happened over how on February 22 some people froze nearly 65 million STEEM which was legally owned by Steemit.  Justin Sun also argued over how on March 03 the same people were trying to freeze exchange assets.

Steemit also expressed their concerned at that time about how some of them were extending their hostility to Binance, HuobiGlobal, and Poloniex and also to other individuals and groups in a way to freeze all of their accounts. Many things did not seem right and Hive happened.