TCAT bags listing in Top cryptocurrency Exchange Coinlim

By TCA PR June 30, 2020 Off
TCAT Coinlim

TCAT has recently secured a berth is top cryptocurrency exchange Coinlim and the exchange will offer full promotional and marketing support for the coin.

Leading crypto news portal The Currency Analytics has recently announced the listing of its signature crypto token TCAT in renowned cryptocurrency exchange Coinlim. Based in Hong Kong, Coinlim is a fast growing Top-100 Exchange focusing on new tokens, bustling with a massive $120 million worth trading volume.

“It’s a great honor for us to have our coin (TCAT) listed at such an esteemed name like Coinlim. We are hopeful the listing will increase the liquidity of TCAT big time”, stated Sydney Ifergan, leading crypto expert and the founder of TCA & TCAT.

The Coinlim team is backed by more than a decade of experience in blockchain and internet technology and guarantees a faster and safer trading experience for users. 

“Coinlim supports users from all across the world, including North America, Europe and Asia.  It’s a great thing for us as our user-base is spread globally. Besides, the prestigious exchange offers advanced trading features which imply a state-of-the-art trading experience for our valued TCAT token holders.  Also, much to user convenience, Coinlim allows both crypto and fiat gateway. Put simply, TCAT’s listing on Coinlim will introduce a prospective and comfortable trading environment for our users.”

As per his statements, Coinlim will extend full marketing support for TCAT. The leading exchange carries various promotional activities for listed coins, including airdrops, social media campaigns and trade competitions. Additionally, Coinlim conducts  massive, powerful email marketing campaigns. For every new coin listed, the exchange sends announcement emails to 200,000 registered traders &Over 10000 daily active users. Moreover, Coinlim offers introduction to market-makers & private trading BOT as well as facilitates native blockchain implementation.

A fast rising name in the crypto token space, TCAT is founded on the principles of revolutionary REAL protocol-

  • Real authentic news only about the crypto space
  • Ethical news written by professional and dedicated journalists
  • Attributive news reports which are extensively verified before publishing
  • Lasting news reports that can make long-term contribution to crypto industry

“We are excited to have TCAT on-board. We believe in the great mission of the coin and we are with them in their fight to free crypto media from misleading news. These guys are doing an amazing job and they have our complete support. We are hopeful our association will bring in increasing trades TCAT that will eventually help them to scale up their visions of ethical crypto journalism”, noted the chief spokesperson from Coinlim.

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