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Energi (NRG) Claim they deserve to be listed in Binance in Response to CZ Binance

July 2, 2020 Off By dan saada

Energi has got some pretty good things happening. After a two-year investigation, Energi Defense have discovered the identity of one of the biggest crypto scammers of all time. Further they exposed them to the world.

Previously, there was a Medium article about this, but it is currently under investigation and it was found to be in violation of the Medium Rules, and the article is under investigation.

About Listing, CZ Binance tweeted:  “Your shilling time. Which coins/tokens should @binance list? AND why? This tweet is an exception to the “no need to shill us” guideline.”

In reply to CZ, the Energi Community wanted to show how big they were by replying to his tweet.  One of them made it simple asking why not? Good and Safe Project.  The community are confident that Energi will bring innovations to the modern world.  Some call it the Next Gen ETH.

Investors claim that $NRG has the highest staking and masternode rewards in the whole space.  The 4 strong pillars being Governance, Masternodes, Smart Contracts, and Self-Funding Treasury, which permits for more than $800,000 per month to help fund development, hire new talent, and marketing.

Someone who watched the token stated, “I have been watching for 4 years and I have. To date, I have seen nearly 30,000 thousand coins, tokens and exchanges. None of them claimed projects like $NRG.”

Ayobami Abiola, Writer for The Currency Analytics in response to the listing call opined, “Why not List Energi in an Exchange like Binance.  NRG deserves to be listed in a market place as huge as Binance. CZ needs no clarification, he is just trying to squeeze brains.”

The developers are constantly working to improve on the security and user experience of the Energi Network. Good thing, it takes only 1000 $NRG to own Masternode and to begin earning rewards.

Energi (NRG) When to Invest?

The You Tube Channel from Crypto Mobster talks about the Energi’s fundamentals and technical analysis. This video is currently hailed to be the go place to learn about Energi. Some people who watched the video have to state that Energicrypto have succeeded in making the first impression that lasts.  Further, many are impressed about how Crypto Mobster spoke about the $NRG Masternode and the staking offer.

Those who are looking to get to the essentials of understanding will be happy about the essential issues for the deeper understanding of $NRG. This can be a great head start to watch future price action.

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