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DigiByte (DGB) Nothing is Off Limit Except for Price Prediction in the Blockchain Space

July 22, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

In a recent interview Josiah and Marija Carola talk @DigiByteCoin $DGB, mining, plans, community involvement, education and spreading the ideas collectively with some jokes around.

Josiah ‘Crypto Messiah’ Spackman tweeted:  “Had a great chat with @MarijaCarola , a lot of laughs, but also some serious looks in to what #DigiByte needs to do in order to have people participate in the $DGB network. Some really great questions there too thanks again @swapzoneio for supporting DGB.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I liked the way Josiah speaks about Overheating Graphic cards and crashing computer multiple times – the keep trying spirit in the Digibyte (DGB) interview.”

When asked the thing that led you in to cryptocurrency space is 100% materialistic. Only Money.  Joisah said, yes.

There are people like who say oh yeah! This is like valuable decentralized finance, it is very interesting and Josiah was like Money! And, he was direct about it. Over the years, he stated how he took a break for 4 years. He stated how he got more involved recently in 2017.  However, he said it was for a different reason, the second time around.

He stated that there are lot of similar stories where people tend to head lot of things like I can make money out of this, and then they start to understand the importance of being decentralized, permissionless, and they try to understand what it means to be permissionless block chain.

DigiByte (DGB) Dandelion

When asked about what he would like to say to anybody who is new to this space? He stated that it was tough for him as he never discussed the price element on where it could go in the future.  He stated that he was ready for any kind of discussions and that nothing was off limits except for price prediction.

He stated that he would like to talk more specifically about what is going on with Digibyte and why it is important and the value of doing certain things.  Like, when Digibyte has done Dandelion why should people care? When you hear of Dandelion it is a flower what is it? For instance my mother is technical enough, but not technical enough or involved in cryptocurrency.  If I said to her, I would send you a transaction but it is just going to take a couple of minutes because I am going to send it through Dandelion, she is just going to look at me to state what are you talking about. 

The interview is worth listening for those interested in hearing a lot more about Digibyte from Josiah.

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