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Bitcoin Cash were used to buy Onions GrayScale to List BCH Soon

July 22, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

On August 01, 2020, Bitcoin Cash will be celebrating their third anniversary since their fork. A whole lot of developments happened at BCH like Segwit recovery exception, Schnorr signatures, Cash Accounts, Schnorr signatures on OP_Checkmultisig, support for OP_Reversebytes, increased chained tx limit ranging from 25 to 50. Tools like Cashfusion, Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and lot more.

Bitcoin Cash is going through phases of back and forth price flow.  The price progression is not really encouraging. Despite the price being low all is not lost with BCH.  The community are continuing to spread knowledge about BCH and they are continuing in their developmental efforts.

Grayscale investments are going to make Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin available for public trading vide the shares of the firm’s cryptocurrency trusts. However, the same is subject to compatibility with Depositary Trust Company (DTC), which is the largest securities depository. Grayscale reportedly have 2,725,300 shares in its Bitcoin Cash Trust.

Bitman tweeted:  “Grayscale Investments announced that Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash will be available to the public within the next 2-4 weeks under the symbols LTCN and BCHG. If people really want these Cryptos, why not just buy them through a dedicated crypto exchange? $BTC #BTC #Altcoins.”

A few weeks ago Brewdog Tokyo stated that they are accepting Bitcoin Cash payments.  Of note Brewdog locations are found in Roppongi, Aberdeenshire, Brisbane, London, Budapest, Ohio, and more. This is just proof of hope for BCH adoption.

One of the tweets spoke about buying onions with BCH: “Here’s how you buy an onion with

be.cash Fully non-custodial, almost instant card payments in your favorite stablecoin, USDH! Only possible on #BitcoinCash. Get a card yourself by signing up to the crowdfunding campaign at be.cash.”

In response, Sydney Ifergan tweeted:  “Wow it is nice to see we are able to pay for Onions using BCH:) This is phenomenal for adoption… Good Luck Bitcoin Cash about fitting in to everyday use.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Roger Ver Unshaken

Those who are looking for locations to pay with BCH should Check them out or search for other places that accept #bitcoincash @ maps bitcoin com.

While everyone are screaming and annoyed about the recent Twitter Scam, Roger Ver seemed to be unshaken. Roger Ver was talking about how it is now possible to send or receive any amount of USDT from Bitcoin.com for free.

And, he also spoke about how it is now possible to hold Bitcoin Cash as a part of retirement account.  He was taking this concerning the GrayScale Bitcoin Cash Trust. We need to wait to see what unfolds further.

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