Dash Pay Micropayment

DashPay for Micropayments Becoming Popular in Dash Community

August 12, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Dash Nation have been reinstating on how it is easiest to send Dash with a message.  Dash Text has been used for several days by people to send money using a simple SMS device.  Dash Text is the easiest way to send Dash with a message.

Making use of Dashpay for micropayments instead of Ethereum ERC20 token is becoming very famous in the community.  They have to state that the amount of money which they can possibly save by using Dash when compared to several other cryptocurrency.

Dash is very friendly for those who like to spend in crypto, whether it is about grabbing a coffee, buying a plane ticket, paying the phone bill, paying friends and family, pay for airfare utility bills and subscriptions, groceries and dining out, buy electronics and IT equipment, find hotels and lodgings, pay for business services and more.

And, all of these with a transaction speed of just one second.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world accept Dash.  The low fees and instant transaction times makes Dash the most preferred method of payment across the world.

The daily active addresses in Q2 2020 was reportedly 83,600 +

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Dash are creating a new level of freedom for those who are willing to spend their cryptocurrency.”

Dash Spending Like Mexican Peso

The latest excitement in the Dash community is about the Dash Partner Tauros Exchange as they have launched Visa Card with Dash Back rewards.  Thus, providing way in and out for of Dash for millions of users in Mexico.

Of note, Taurus.io is an emerging start up in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency ecosystem in Mexico.  The good news is that Tauros users will be able to request for a Visa debit card which when used with Tauros account will permit users to spend cryptocurrency effortlessly in the regular merchant base of the company.

Users will be able to use the card at the point of sale just like any legacy system. This provides the option for millions of Mexicans who are holding Dash and other cryptocurrencies to be able to spend it just like they would with a Mexican Peso.

With the social distancing and no contact shopping becoming on the rise, crypto currency will likely evolve to providing for more products and better solutions. This will in turn continue as a new normal after the pandemic.

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