Stellar Lumens XLM fast cheap

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Makes Sending Money to Anywhere Simple Fast and Cheap

August 23, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

SIMBA Chain and Stellar Blockchain Webinar is scheduled for Monday, August 24, 2020.  The Webinar topics are set to cover for: SIMBA Chain Mission and History; Stellar Background; Where SIMBA fits in to the blockchain and the Web 3.0 technology stack; SIMBA Pay app and SIMBA Chain Platform demo utilizing blockchain; and further Q&A with SIMBA Chain and Stellar Team.

Stellar is making sending money to anywhere in the world simple, fast and cheap.  The SIMBA API is making it further easy for developers to build custom Stellar Applications.

The Panelists include Tommy Cooksey, Master Trainer SIMBA Chain; Tyler Van Der Hoeven, Ecosystem Evangelist, Stellar Development Foundation; and Anjon Roy; and VP of Market Development, SIMBA Chain.

The SIMBA chain White Paper is available for download by filling out a few details.

SIMBA Chain tweeted:  “Be sure to register for @StellarOrg @SimbaChain Webinar! With Tommy Cooksey and Tyler van der Hoeven and Anjon Roy.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Stellar Lumens (XLM) are consistently improving to scale well. And, with Vibrant they are already connected to real-world bank accounts.”

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Justin Rice at Blockchain Interviews

Ashton Addison, CEO, Event Chain interviewed Justin Rice, SDF Head of Ecosystem for Blockchain Interviews. The interviews started off with a background on what Justin Rice and his team were working for at the Stellar Development Foundation, and on how it ties to the Stellar XLM blockchain.

Stellar tweeted:  “Tune in to @CryptoCoinShow as Justin Rice, SDF Head of Ecosystem, chats about what makes Stellar unique, the ins-and-outs of decentralized exchanges, and how developers can start building on Stellar.”

Justin Rice Stated that Stellar is an open chain, open participation blockchain network where anyone can spin up a node and anyone can build a product and anyone can issue an asset on the network. It is a network to make payments easy, specifically cross-border, cross-currency payments.  The Stellar Network is a non-profit that attempts in contributing to development of the network itself.

Our goal is to create equitable access to the world’s financial infrastructure, but a lot of what we do is to basically try to make that an ecosystem of developers, businesses, and products that can build on the network and use it as a backend settlement for cross-border and cross-currency payments.

As a foundation, lot of what we do is we Steward the code, so there is stellar core which is the code that allows the computers on the network to interact and share the ledger and ratify changes to it as well as Horizen which is an API that allows easy access.

We work on them to make them functional and we improve them and we make them continue to scale. A lot of what we do is development and we focus our energy on those two things at the network level and the platform level.  And, then what we do is to educate people on how to use stellar, to empower them by connecting them to teach other and show them possible use of technology.