Vechain VET Cryptocurrency

VeChain (VET) Cryptocurrency Ideal for Integration in To Real World Business

September 5, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

VeChain have forever acknowledged the importance of their business partners.  VeChain have been always proud about the kind of partnerships they make.

Sunny Lu in the past stated, business partner is the key to drive the technology value to be business value. That’s the only way to conduct value to any Blockchain networks.

On September 01, 2020 VeChain Foundation tweeted:  “Together with CY Cheung (Partner, CyberSec & Innovation) at @PwC, our CEO @sunshinelu24 attended the “Blockchain in China: Applications & Opportunities” held by British Chamber of Shanghai. CY & Sunny jointly presented #blockchain-related topics to members of British Chamber.”

In response, Sunny Lu tweeted:  “Hope everywhere can be back to normal like Shanghai.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “VeChain Sunny Lu is right about hoping for everything getting back to normal, but it just looks like we are learning to live with COVID.”

There are several public blockchain platforms already and the industry is not able to improve adoption by contributing to the real economy. However, VeChain have done a lot in solving some issues eventually leading to Fortune 500 enterprises lining up to use VeChain.  The community opines that there are very few companies like VeChain who integrate in to real world business.

The community feels, Vechain will be good for criminal record checks like scanning a driver’s license and that it would save a lot of bad situations for people.

While all other uses cases are possible, it just looks like VeChain are mostly interested in projects related to Food Safety.  They have been doing a lot in terms of how blockchain and digitization will be able to save the food industry in several hundred billions in a year.

VeChain Profile Page Banner on Twitter

In the past month, the VeChain Community Design Contest saw contribution from several amazing members in the community.  There were more than 130 submissions.  The stake holders who voted on the VeVote decided the final winners.

The Top 5 winners shared the total prize pool of 3,000 USD.  Their designs are set to be featured on a monthly rotational basis in the official Twitter profile page banner of VeChain.

The “Everything is Connected” Mantra continues to be the mission of VeChain and they are moving united as a community towards blockchain mass adoption.

The Vechain Toolchain is focused on helping businesses tackle the climate change to improve on their sustainability goals with their market-ready sustainability solution. Thus, businesses are now able to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology with minimal lead time.

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