MOBU creates a network of confidence and trust!

MOBU creates a network of confidence and trust!

July 17, 2018 Off By dan saada

MOBU is the end-to-end solution for companies to comply with the global security token market in a user-friendly way. MOBU connects validated entrepreneurs and investors on the blockchain. Real businesses such as property development companies, gold mines, retail companies and many more can launch compliant security tokens on the MOBU platform.

MOBU provides an ecosystem with a vetted tender process with strict criteria (rating system) for service providers regarding track record, pricing, and capital requirements. MOBU also deploys a network of authorization centres for KYC/AML compliance, SEC approval for securities (reg CF, reg 504, reg 506(b), 506(c)) and for a new standard “Know Your Supplier” (KYS) for due diligence (DD) compliance for legal providers, smart contract developers, KYC/AML providers and escrow providers. MOBU creates a regulated environment where transaction costs are managed and kept market related.

All these unique features and the fact that MOBU solves real-world problems ensure higher overall ROI for investors and create a network of confidence and trust that will boost economic efficiency and incentivize community growth. Very importantly, MOBU also provides clarification and certainty to both the investor and the issuer regarding their expectations and rights.

Thanks to all these positives, MOBU is proud to announce that they already have confirmed issuers wishing to launch their ICOs on the MOBU platform.

Confirmed Issuers on MOBU Platform

  • Mike Prinsloo was the former CEO of DRD Gold, Ashanti Gold and Goldfields and the individual who has moved the most gold in the world under his watch. He wishes to tokenize a mining operation on the MOBU platform.
  • Wayne van der Burgh, the founder of the van der Burgh group, with an asset value of over 1 Billion USD, wishes to tokenize at least five coal mining sites on the MOBU platform.
  • Ettiene Pretorius acts as advisor and friend of Richard Branson and is regarded one of South Africa`s most successful property developers. He received the Entrepreneur of the year award from Absa, one of the largest banks in South Africa. Ettiene wishes to tokenize a property development on the MOBU platform. Ettiene obtained a Master’s degree in property development in 2017 and wrote his thesis on Green energy.
  • Tumelo Ramaphoza, the son of a South African billionaire, wishes to launch a Wildlife ICO on the MOBU platform.
  • MOBU intends to launch a decentralised crowd-farming ICO, forex PAMM account ICO and regulatory friendly exchange on the MOBU platform as well — please refer to our roadmap on the website:

MOBU looks after investor funds and ensures a strong ecosystem and actual blockchain use cases. This will allow for stronger resources for the MOBU team leading to continuous and robus future development.

And this is only the start of this revolutionary epoch.





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