AAT Network Launches Token Sale

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson July 23, 2018 Off
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Bitcoin makes a new difference with the release of the token sale. It went live last July 1 and would last for a month. Also, a bounty program accompanies the launch of the token. The pre-sale aims to build a strong community. The bounty program was live last June 1. It hopes to make the goals of AAT Network a success.

Users can avail of discounts using the token. Here, people get a 20% discount on each purchase of the token. They would get it from the AAT platform. Participants have the chance to get a good purchase and sales. This utility token would be a big help to them in exchanging bitcoin in the market. Other users are welcome to try it and experience the advantage it offers their lives. The crypto market is ready to accept the exchange process shortly.

The pre-sale of the tokens starts to 45 million. There are 4 million AAT’s that users could get for a 50% bonus. The next sale has 6 million AAT’s that has a 20% discount. People can expect a great opportunity in having the tokens. The price for the token amounts to $0.90. Hence, it’s a great offer that sellers and bitcoin users couldn’t resist.

Being part of the platform is easy. Users would need to register and purchase an amount of $100. Then, they can have a great advantage in the sale.

The Bounty Program

The bounty program makes great offers for all the participants. Through the range of activities, they would have a reward of $135,000. It’s equivalent to 150,000 AAT. Participants could have the reward using Facebook, Telegram and many more. The process of claiming the rewards is easy. There’s no hassle for the users and future participants.

The rewards serve as the gratitude of the outgoing contribution of the participants. The support they give and trust is important to AAT. There are more of these rewards to come in the following days and months. Thanks to AAT and the participant’s effort, the program is a sure success.

Also, the program offers excellent growth for the community. Users would not only get rewards. They would also build a strong community. In turn, they would have an easy buying process of the tokens. The future sellers have a sure way to get more rewards. A better change in their life would happen due to AAT. From here, a success is a guarantee for all of them.