Super Bullish Tron TRX

TRON (TRX) Founder Justin Sun on How the Community is Super Bullish

October 4, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Justin Sun expressed his views about the trend of crypto, DeFi and TRON. He stated one should do research, beware of scams, switch your mind from bearish market to bull market, stay optimistic, participate in new stuff, embrace the trend, and remember to trade on JustSwap.

He stated that in Tron they have seen numerous people participate in TRON and DeFi.  Sun states that this is explosion and exponential growth.  Every day, he stated that they are able to see huge increase in volume and also enthusiasm among the community.

I have to state that I became some kind of conservative person even in terms of the future of TRON. He stated that the community is super bullish, and I even became a little bit conservative when everybody and the exchanges are talking to me about what is the future of TRON, what I am thinking about the price and DeFi on TRON and all the other projects, I said do your own research and also at the same time be a little bit cautious and Beware of the Scam always try to protect your money.

I believe TRX overall it is very secure. It is very hard for you to lose money if you invest in TRX and hold it in the long term, but definitely I remind everybody should be cautious a little bit, but it seems like a lot of the exchanges start to do crazy listing and support TRX Token on their platform even without consulting with me.  I don’t even need to know about all these. Everybody is talking about TRX. It is super Bullish.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined: ” TRON (TRX) is the most dynamic and highly active token I have ever come across.”

So, I think we should just hold the TRX to wait to the day 1 billion people come to TRON if we wait until that day, you will see lot of amazing things happen in the TRON Ecosystem. And, I believe this is going to be super soon.  I think, you need to switch your mind from the bearish market to bull market.

TRON (TRX) Justin Sun on Switching Mindset

I have been in this industry for almost like 8 years and I know everybody what they are thinking especially for the traders that have been in this industry for a long time. Sometimes they are going to think the price is going to crash, better to realize the profit even before the price is going up a lot to secure the investment.

I think this is totally understandable for sure, but on the other hand you need to switch the mind to a bullish market.  You need to always stay optimistic and participate in the new stuff, embrace the trend, always invest in the trend, instead of to be a little conservative skeptical or pessimistic about everything especially for TRON.

Right now, it is super bullish it is taking off everyday take the position lots of the market share from Ethereum huge traffic these days like migrated to TRON because Ethereum JUST can’t keep up for the scalability so everybody is migrating to TRON if you are kind of skeptical or pessimistic about crypto, I definitely advised you to be more optimistic and embrace the trend you know, this is important if your friends as you about TRON definitely recommend them to build on TRON these days I know lots of conservative people who might not be very comfortable.

It is hard for them to swallow that.  TRON is taking a lot of Ethereum shares these days and crypto is eating everything, but you have to accept the facts and this is the trend.  And, the DeFi or TRON has a huge potential.  Don’t forget to trade on JUSTSWAP right now it is the most popular exchange among the world, you need to do nothing. No KYC. Just get a TRON Wallet with secret with secret key in your hand.  You don’t afraid of anything just trade. Super simple, since a lot of these are happening, we announce a lots of partnerships every week.  We have numerous markets and partnerships that we are Gonna announce everyday.

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